The workshop is geared towards shared learning, relationship building, and mobilizing to build a better world. We ask panelists to speak for no more than 10 minutes.  Papers are not required. The focus is on raising a few key points to generate discussion with attendees and the animator. There is no single preferred format. Presenters are welcome to draw upon their experiential knowledge, or personal reflections, or research reporting, or theorizing, or artistic expression or some combination of the above. Issues to be addressed might include: the conditions and challenges of the present; responding to immediate material needs; imagining a better world where power is shared and comes from the people; pathways toward greater freedom, justice and fairness; and challenges and potentials for harnessing the progressive political imagination and building solidarity. Community groups are encouraged to bring pamphlets to be available for sharing at the registration desk. Presenters will have access to a computer and the Internet as they need it.


We ask that animators strive to keep the focus on the broader endeavours of the workshop, namely shared learning, relationship building, and strategizing to harness and enact a progressive political imagination through collaboration. We encourage animators to  offer insights and analyses while ensuring the flow of the panel, such as by linking themes, assessing connections, and encouraging workshop attendee engagement.


The workshop aims to foster shared learning, relationship forging, and mobilizing to build a better world. Except where there is a designated Panel Introducer, we ask that Chairs focus on introducing the members of the panel as well as the animator (s). Participant biographies are found at the tab above. We ask that introductions are kept brief so as not to crowd out the session. We also ask that Chairs keep panelists' speaking times to no more than 10 minutes, that they maintain a speakers' list during Q&A as needed, and ensure that the session wraps on schedule.  While the emphasis is placed on engagement with presenters, animators, and attendees, we also encourage Chairs to offer up their own insights and observations as time permits.

Panel Introducers

Panel Introducers will provide brief introductions of members of the panel as well as the animator (s). Participant biographies are found at the tab above.